Top 10 reasons to follow 3x3 World Tour Abu Dhabi Final

ABU DHABI (2016 FIBA 3x3 World Tour Final) - The FIBA 3x3 World Tour Final starts on Thursday 27 October in Abu Dhabi and we have 1,001 reasons to watch the action live on But well, we figured you'd be busy and focused on the Top 10.

1. Three-peat Novi Sad Al Wahda have absolutely dominated the 3x3 game for the last 3 years. They won the last 2 editions and put more money in the bank by winning 3 Masters this year. They’ve lost some games this year but they will be the heavy favourites in Abu Dhabi for a historic three-peat.
2. Rivalries: It's like every team has a good reason to beat Novi Sad Al Wahda. From Saskatoon, who lost to them in the title game in 2014 to Chicago, whose players were denied a gold medal at the World Championships (representing USA) by the same team on 15 October. And we didn’t even bring up Kranj (SLO) who were eliminated by Novi Sad Al Wahda in the last 3 editions of the World Tour Final!
3. History: A tribute to the young history of the 3x3 World Tour: every single former winner will be represented in Abu Dhabi this year. Besides Novi Sad Al Wahda, Team Ljubljana will feature 3 of the 4 players who won the 2013 edition in Istanbul. Besides, Caguas (PUR) are led by one of the World Tour OGs, the inaugural 2012 winner Jonathan Garcia.

4. Chicago show: Team Chicago (USA) proved it was possible to dunk on every possession and win titles. The high-flying Myke Henry and Alfonzo McKinnie made the Top 10s obsolete. Give us a Top 20!

5. Crossovers: Who's got the best ankle-breaker in the 3x3 game? The number one 3x3 player in the world Dusan Domovic Bulut can put a man on skates and so can Saskatoon's Michael Linklater. Stefhon Hannah can make a guy dance against his will. And Dragan Bjelica? His nickname is ‘Mr Crossover'!

6. Power: Some dunkers use finesse. Doug Anderson (USA) and Miller (UKR) are not one of those. Anderson is probably the only dunker in the world that can get a 10 with a simple windmill. And Miller? Biggest puncher in Ukraine since the Klitschko Brothers.

7. I believe I can fly: The Dunking Devils will make you sing that old R. Kelly song again. With or without trampoline, what these acrobatic dunkers from Slovenia do is simply ridiculous.

8. The Blur: The World Tour Final is so amazing that the exhibition games feature what some consider the best point guard in Asia. Jayson Castro – who made the 2015 FIBA Asia Championship All-Star Five - will lead a Smart Gilas 3x3 team, which will play two exhibition games on Thursday and Friday.

9. Kyle Montgomery’s in your ear: Word on the street is he can speak for 8 hours straight without breathing. He’s the voice of the 3x3 World Tour and the best remedy for Monday blues. He even tweeted he’s got brand new lines so get ready for the Kyle Montgomery show.

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