3X3 Unites Utrecht: About

Sunday 19th and Monday 20th of September, a one of a kind 3x3 event is coming to the Jaarbeursplein in Utrecht, the Netherlands: the 3X3 Unites Challenger Utrecht 2021!

The 3X3 Unites Challenger 2021 is the final event in the ‘From the Streets to the World Stage’ event series of 3X3 Unites. A series that started on local courts during the 3X3 Street League. A competition for teams of all ages and levels. The regional champions earned themselves a qualification for the next step in the series.

The 3X3 PRO Cups. Three PRO tournaments throughout the Netherlands which would eventually grant the winners with a qualification for the 3X3 Unites Challenger Utrecht on September 19th and 20th.

Together with the seven FIBA invites and qualifiers from other city’s across Europe these teams make up the 16 best teams that will take the stage in Utrecht. To ultimately take on each other in the hopes of taking home the big bucks and a World Tour Abu Dhabi Masters Ticket.

For tickets and more visit www.3x3unites.com/challenger

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