Novi Sad's 3x3 heroics: By the numbers

NOVI SAD (Serbia) - 3x3 is a game of numbers. There are endless stats to pour over to tell the story of Novi Sad over the past 8 years. They have been the number one team in the world and have stuffed the stat sheet, game after game. Here is a look at Novi Sad, by the numbers. 

4 - World Tour trophies

2014, 2015, 2018, and 2019 were all magical years for Novi Sad, taking home the World Tour title, winning some of the most memorable games in 3x3 history. Over a six-year period, Novi Sad won each title in a unique way, from up-and-comers in 2014 to their undefeated season in 2018. But regardless of who they played, they always came to ball. 


35 - Wins in a row (2018-19)

Novi Sad went a perfect 32-0 against the best 3x3 players in the world in 2018. It has never been matched and may just be of the most underrated seasons in team sports history. They finally ended their winning streak at 35 in Doha, but no matter the game, the Serbian team was able to battle through and leave us with a record that seems unbreakable.


21 - Masters titles

For some teams, just getting to a Masters event is an accomplishment, but for Novi Sad, it was their home away from home. The 21 World Tour titles are the best mark of any team in 3x3, winning games on four different continents. We won't be seeing Team Novi Sad as we knew it on the World Tour any longer, but their legacy will last for years.  


26 - Combined World Rankings

Dusan Bulut (#1), Marko Savic (#7), Dejan Majstorovic (#8), and Tamas Ivosev (#10) are all members of the FIBA 3x3 individual rankings top-10, the only team on tour with that honor. Not only have they been great for club and country, but their individual contributions have been even across the board, making them harder to beat. They all contributed in their own ways to make the team great.


45 – Bulut tournament wins with Novi Sad

Across the globe, there have been few better shows than 10 minutes of Dusan Bulut in a Novi Sad jersey. From the World Tour to challengers, Bulut has won 45 different events for Novi Sad, hitting Tissot Buzzer beaters, leaving defenders on the other end of a top-10 list, and giving everything he has to get to the winner’s circle.



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