Liman and Antwerp unstoppable on Day 1 at 3x3 World Tour Abu Dhabi Masters

ABU DHABI (UAE) - Liman and Antwerp impressed on the opening day of the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Abu Dhabi Masters on October 29. 

The Teams

Just one week after winning the Perm Bionord International Quest, Liman proved why they are one of the best teams in the World Tour by defeating Manila Chooks TM and World Tour Doha Masters 2021 winners Amsterdam Talent&Pro in their pool play. 

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The Serbian squad, led by Stefan Kojic's 12 points, finished undefeated in Pool D. 

Also Antwerp (BEL), who ranked first in highlights (13 pg), impressed today in Abu Dhabi after claiming two wins against Utrecht and Los Angeles Masters 2019 winners Princeton. 

Also Undefeated

Two other teams also had a perfect Friday. The number one team in the World Ub (SRB) won a tough game against Gagarin (RUS) thanks to a Tissot buzzer beater from the Europe Cup 2021 MVP Miroslav Pasajlic and then went on to defeat San Juan PCI Group (PUR) in a rematch of the Lausanne Masters 2021 final. 

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Also Riga (LAT), who had the 4 members of the Olympic gold medalist team playing together for the first time since Tokyo, won their two games against Ulaanbaatar MMC Energy (MGL) and Prague Masters 2021 winners Jeddah (KSA).

The Game: Ub (SRB) vs Gagarin (RUS)

We knew the game between Ub and Gagarin would not disappoint and it lived up to the hype. Strahinja Stojacic led the Serbs with 6 points, but it was Debrecen Masters MVP Miroslav Pasajlic who, with a Tissot buzzer beater, gave the win to Ub when the game was 12 apiece. 

The Player

Karlis Lasmanis (LAT) was  a force for Riga with 17 points and 10 highlights, including  a triple-5 (11pts, 9 reb and 5 hgl)  to defeat Jeddah (KSA) in a thriller (20-19).

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The Shock 

Everything can happen in 3x3! World Tour Lausanne Masters 2021 winners  San Juan PCI Group (PUR) and  Prague Masters 2021 winners Jeddah (KSA) were eliminated in the pool phase of the Abu Dhabi Masters.

The Stats

Strahinja Stojacic (Ub) led everyone in P-Val (19.6) and was also top scorer on Day 1 with 17 points. Karlis Lasmanis (Riga) and Thibaut Vervoort (Antwerp) also scored 17 points on Day 1. 

Liman v Manila Chooks Tm was the Tissot Fastest Game of the day with 8:08min of playing time. 

Antwerp (BEL) were the team to watch with 13 highlights per game


Watch the knock-out games of the 3x3 World Tour Abu Dhabi Masters on and  

Ub (SRB) vs Princeton (USA)
Lima (SRB) vs Ulaanbaatar MMC Energy (MGL)
Riga (LAT) vs Amsterdam Talent&Pro (NED)
Antwerp (BEL) vs Gagarin (RUS)