Where will your favorite 3x3 World Tour team play in 2023?

MIES (Switzerland)  - For being the best in the business, the top eight teams on the FIBA 3x3 World Tour deserve some rewards. 

Similar to a draft, these high-ranking teams receive automatic tickets to certain events on the World Tour.  Here are the Masters they chose.

These teams plus No.9 Partizan (SRB) and No.10 Sansar MMC Energy (MGL) will play in the Utsunomiya Opener to launch the season. 

#1 Ub Huishan NE (SRB)

Wil play in 


Ub were almost unstoppable in 2022  with their incredible season starting fast with four straight Ws. 

These spectacular Serbs bring back the same awesome foursome led by  No.1 ranked Strahinja Stojacic and Dejan Majstorovic aka 'The Maestro'. 

But these dudes are keen on new adventures with Ub selecting glitzy Macau, which will make its debut as a destination on the World Tour. 

They will rack up the miles with the Serbs also venturing to Canada to play in Edmonton before returning to Asia later in the season to compete in Chengdu. 

Majstorovic will have sweet memories of Chengdu having claimed MVP honors there in 2019 to lead former side Novi Sad to the title. 


 #2 Raudondvaris Hoptrans (LTU)

Will play in


They used to be known as Sakiai Gulbele, but these Lithuanians remain lethal. 

Aurelijus Pukelis and Marijus Uzupis went up a level last year and Raudondvaris start the season as the world's No.2.

They have set their sights on travelling far from home with Masters confirmed in Macau and Chengdu.

It's not surprising they want to venture to the Far East after Sakiai claimed the title in Hong Kong last year. 


#3 Riga (LAT)

Will play in


The Latvians will look different in 2023 without Karlis Lasmanis and Nauris Miezis but fellow Tokyo Olympic gold medalists Agnis Cavars and Edgars Krumins will ensure stability. 

Riga has recruited ex-Liman star Miroslav Pasajlic, who can light it up when he's in the mood. 

They will venture to Manila, where they didn't play last year, and also Prague, where Riga have fond memories having claimed the title there in 2019.

But they've had mixed fortunes in the stunning Czech capital after being knocked out last year in the quarters by Tel-Aviv (ISR).


#4 Vienna (AUT)

Will play in 


The Austrians became one of the very best teams in 2022 and are sure to be challengers to the throne once again. 

Having missed out last year on Cebu's first ever Masters, Vienna have decided they want a taste of hoops-mad Philippines. 

They are set to be crowd favorites among the energetic Filipino fans, especially Quincy Diggs who took the World Tour by storm last season. 


#5 Antwerp (BEL)

Will play in


The brilliant Belgians didn't play in Prague last season but want to make amends after a quarter-final exit in 2021

Antwerp have been ultra-consistent in their two seasons on the World Tour although things could be tougher without Thibaut Vervoort. 

But they have incredible depth of talent with rising star Caspar Augustijnen likely to be a greater focal point. 


#6 Amsterdam (NED)

Will play in 


The Dutch masters will be travelling to Drake's country when they hit up Edmonton on the World Tour. 

They were unable to break through for a Masters title in 2022 and were seemingly cursed after continually losing semi-finals. 

But they have loaded up and recruited high-flying Dutchman Worthy de Jong, who was insane in his World Tour debut last year. 

He is most certainly worthy of your attention as Amsterdam eye silverware. 

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#7 Ulaanbaatar MMC Energy (MGL)

They will play in


Ulaanbaatar lit up Cebu last year during a semi-final finish but will be aiming for an even deeper run when they return there this season. 

Steve Sir made it wet in Cebu and the legendary sniper is back in 2023 as Ulaanbaatar dares to dream of a historic Masters W. 


#8 Miami (USA)

Will be in


Miami makes its debut on the World Tour this season, but you know the names. Kareem Maddox and Canyon Barry were stars for Princeton for years, while Dylan Travis became a walking bucket for Omaha 3Ball

But they've joined forces with Miami set to also unleash their prized recruit - former NBA player Jimmer Fredette. 

Jimmer Mania is set to sweep the World Tour, including in the Olympic capital of Lausanne where Miami will play. 



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