Assembling FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2023 Team of the Season

MIES (Switzerland) - The superstars on the half-court  shone during the FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2023 as the talent pool got noticeably deeper.

But, of course, only four players could make the prestigious team of the season which is almost an impossible task. No we're not going to cheat and use AI because we have the player value per game metric to inform our selections. 

Player value is measured by the following: Shooting-value + Blocked Shots + Key Assists + Buzzer Beaters – Turnovers + (Rebounds/2).

And to qualify for the criteria, a minimum of 25 games had to be played.

Here is the FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2023 team of the season.

Jimmer Fredette, Miami (8.9 P-VAL per game)

What a debut season for this former NBA player and college phenom, who brought his legion of fans to the half-court. 

Fredette's impact was immense every time he laced up with Jimmer Buckets shooting an insane 44% from 2.  He shot at volume too and jacked up an average of 5 twos per game to earn himself the status as the deadliest marksman in 3x3. 

Fredette was the star of stars for glitzy Miami - who double as Team USA - and he led them to their first two Masters titles. Of course, he collected the MVPs and the stats don't lie - no one had a bigger impact per game than Jimmer Fredette. 


Worthy de Jong, Amsterdam HiPRO (7.9 P-VAL) 

Of course, de Jong had to be on the list. After all this scoring machine produced stats that might not be reproduced for a long time. He averaged 9.3 ppg to immediately take the wheel of his new team Amsterdam HiPRO.  

The Dutch had been a solid team for a number of years and had even won a Masters in 2021, but de Jong's presence lifted them up a level - especially in the entertainment stakes. 

De Jong surely submitted the most jaw-dropping individual season on record, but you just know his greatest moment was leading Amsterdam to a drought-breaking triumph in Hong Kong


Strahinja Stojacic, Ub Huishan NE (7.4 P-VAL)

No team of the season is complete without the No.1 player on the planet. Stojacic was the best player on the best team with Ub winning seven titles on the World Tour 2022, including the showpiece Jeddah Final.

'Doctor Strange's' durability and consistency puts him above everyone else with Stojacic walking away with four Masters MVPs . He puts in work every time he steps on the half-court with Stojacic's player-value per game even higher than it was last year. 

 Once again, Stojacic ends the season wearing 3x3's crown. 

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Stefan Kojic, Liman Huishan NE (6.8 P-VAL)

The Liman legend continues to light up the half-court. While some of the long-time great teams have dropped off, Liman remain among the best in the business and their secret sauce just has to be this Serbian sniper. 

He connected on an insane 37% from 2 and the 31-year-old shot at volume to launch more than five attempts per game. Kojic is still one mean dude in the clutch as he helped Liman continue their long streak of winning at least one title on the World Tour.