First list of FIBA 3x3 Challengers 2024 announced

MIES (Switzerland) - Just 2 weeks after announcing the biggest-ever 3x3 World Tour season, FIBA unveiled the first batch of Challengers on the road to the World Tour. 

The Challengers are the premium international qualifiers to the World Tour. They qualify teams directly to 3x3's flagship competition. You can learn more about the FIBA 3x3 competition network on the FIBA 3x3 official website.

Here is the list of confirmed Challengers, sorted by FIBA 3x3 World Tour Masters to which they qualify.

WT Chengdu Masters
 Hongcheon Challenger - May 11-12


WT Edmonton Masters
 Zhijang Challenger - May 25-26
Penang Challenger - June 1-2 


WT Lausanne Masters
Clermont-Ferrand Challenger - June 15-16
Orleans Challenger - June 22-23


WT Debrecen Masters
 Poitiers Challenger - June 28-29
 Quebec Challenger - June 28-29


WT Shanghai Masters
 Bordeaux Challenger - July 11-12
 Baoding Challenger - July 13-14


WT Wuxi Masters
 Fribourg Challenger - July 5-6
 Pristina Challenger - July 20-21


WT Macau Masters
 Lanzarote Challenger - July 27-28
Sukhbaatar Challenger - August 10-11 


WT Abu Dhabi Masters
 Sansar Challenger - September 7-8
 Tangshan Challenger - September 7-8


WT Manama Masters
 Tianjin Challenger - September 14-15
 Yichang Challenger - October 1-2


WT Shenzhen Masters
Pocheon Challenger - October 12-13
Taipei Challenger - October 26-27


WT Hong Kong Masters
 Dequing Challenger - November 2-3

There are 3 ways to qualify for a FIBA 3x3 Challenger:

1. Win a lite quest event (a tour or a standalone event that qualifies directly to a challenger)
2. Rank as high as possible in the FIBA 3x3 Team Ranking  (best-ranked teams - at the moment of auto-allocation 5 weeks before the event - have preferential access to challengers)
3. Get one of the wildcards from the tournament hosts

A first list of lite quests will be announced at a later stage and available on

All organizers interested in hosting a World Tour qualifier  can contact FIBA's 3x3 team.