FIBA 3x3 World Tour soars to new heighs in 2023

(MIES (Switzerland) - The FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2023 was insane on the half-court as these amazing numbers will testify.  

Before we flip the calendar, let's recap this incredible season with these jaw-dropping figures. 

18 Masters events 

The World Tour has never been bigger and better with a record 18 Masters in 2023. It started with the Utsunomiya Opener in late April through to the recently concluded showpiece Jeddah Final

The World Tour travelled to fan favorite destinations and also to new locales as it crisscrossed the planet to leave a global footprint. 


As it continually grows since being unleashed in 2012, the premier men's competition will only get bigger and better in 2024. 


76 Teams 

The talent pool in 3x3 has never been deeper with new teams emerging and making an instant impact. There was a time in the early days of the World Tour when depth was an issue and the competition dominated by a handful of teams. 

Not anymore with 10 teams winning Masters titles this season and events loaded throughout draws. There are no easy games anymore because every team has talent and are capable of going on deep runs. 

Like Hangzhou, who went on a giant-killing run for the ages to win the Constanta Masters. But even that wasn't good enough to squeeze into the Jeddah Final to underline an increasingly loaded World Tour. 


$5 million USD in prize money 

Players are getting rewarded like never before with around $5 million USD in prize money being dished out on this season's World Tour. 

The growing monetary incentive is helping lure more players to the World Tour as the standard keeps rising. 

Worldwide TV exposure 

The growth has been evident with broadcasters around the world signing up to beam the World Tour into households all over the world.

It has helped spark more interest in the World Tour with some of the biggest media organizations on the globe now firmly behind the development of 3x3. 

Social media

  • over 250 million impressions
  • over 200 million views 
  • over 10 million engagements 



FIBA 3x3's much loved social media platforms have grown in leaps and bounds with record impressions, views and engagements.

The famous creativity of FIBA 3x3's social media team has been lapped up by a growing legion of fans worldwide and there is much more content on its way to keep you entertained on a daily basis.