Top FIBA 3x3 World Tour teams select their Masters for the 2024 season

MIES (Switzerland) - Rewarded for being on top of the rankings entering 2024, the best in the business have earned hard seeds for Masters on this season's World Tour. 

So, let's see where these 10 teams wanted to go. 

Ub Huishan NE: Utsunomiya Opener, Chengdu, Macau, Abu Dhabi; Performance slots: Marseille, Ulaanbaatar

The Serbs have dominated over the last couple of years and again want to kick off their season with a W at the traditional Utsunomiya Opener. You just know legendary Dejan Majstorovic will be excited to return to Japan after collecting a slew of titles in one of his favourite destinations. 

Ub also selected Macau, where they are the title holders, but will be determined for better results in Chengdu and Abu Dhabi. 

They also earned two more slots as the top team of 2023 and for winning the World Tour Final with Ub allocated to Marseille and Ulaanbaatar - the first Masters which they aren't a hard seed.


Miami: Utsunomiya, Marseille, Ulaanbaatar

After a spectacular debut season, the Americans are looking to show they don't have the second-year blues and will be looking to start the season strong in Utsunomiya - where they had to withdraw on tournament eve last year in an anti-climax.

They will venture to Marseille for the first time, while Ulaanbaatar - in 3x3 crazy Mongolia - has been added to the World Tour in 2024.

Riffa: Utsunomiya, Chengdu, Edmonton

The artists formerly known as Antwerp will want to go one better in Utsunomiya after their runner-up finish last year. They'll be gaining the frequent flyer miles by also travelling to Chengdu and Edmonton. 

Amsterdam: Utsunomiya, Abu Dhabi, Ulaanbaatar

It's no surprise that Utsunomiya is a favourite choice among the best in the business with a chance for these teams to make a statement straight away. 

The Dutch Masters will also be doing plenty of travel and have decided on playing in Abu Dhabi having missed last season's event.

Vienna: Utsunomiya, Edmonton, Marseille

The Austrians naturally return to Utsunomiya and Marseille, where they performed strongly last season to reach the semis. 

But they go to North America for the first time and will be singing 'Oh Canada' if they can get the dub in Edmonton. 

Partizan: Utsunomiya, Edmonton

The Serbs made the quarters in Utsunomiya last year, but they improved considerably as the year wore on due to the brilliance of Stefan Milivojevic. 

Canadian fans will get their chance to watch this rising superpower with Utsunomiya selecting Edmonton. 

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Raudondvaris: Utsunomiya , Ulaanbaatar

The lethal Lithuanians made the quarters last year in Utsunomiya but are well and truly capable of going all the way and they also will be lighting up the hoops in Ulaanbaatar. 

Ulaanbaatar: Utsunomiya, Abu Dhabi

The fan favourite Mongolians will be in Utsunomiya and Abu Dhabi - two places they were not sighted in 2023 as they extend their huge fan bases to new locations. 

Lausanne: Utsunomiya, Chengdu

The Swiss Maestros will be in Utsunomiya, having not been part of last year's season launch, and quite naturally they want to return to Chengdu after reaching the semis there during a hot late season stretch in 2023.

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San Juan: Utsunomiya, Macau

The young Puerto Ricans made their mark in 2023 and are looking to go up a level this season starting at the Utsunomiya Opener. They will also venture to Macau - another spectacular Asian destination they will visit for the first time.