Abu Dhabi: Dunk

Dunk Contest

  • Rounds: Dunkers have 75 seconds and 3 attempts per round to complete a dunk. An attempt means the dunker had the intention to dunk and he or the ball touched the rim and/or the backstop unit. The only exception to the 75-second-rule is the third round of the final where there is no time limit. The 75 seconds start running once the dunker's name is called up. The first successful dunk is considered the valid one. A dunk is considered successful if the ball does not leave the ring in an upward vertical direction after it has left the dunker's hand. The dunks are marked (0, 5-10) by each one of the 3 members of the jury.

  • Tie-breaker: In case of a tie, the tied players dunk again and the jury takes a majority decision.

  • Round 1: Dunkers compete by alphabetical order, they have 2 dunks and 3 attempts. The dunker with the highest score goes in second to the final round.

Dunker 1st 2nd Total
David Carlos aka "Air David" 8.7 8.3 8.5
Vadim “MILLER” Poddubchenko 9 8.3 8.7
  • Final: The 2 dunkers compete during 3 rounds, highest score wins. The winner gets 3,000USD and the runner up 500USD in prize money.
Dunker 1st 2nd 3rd Total
David Carlos aka "Air David" 9.3 9.3 7.7 8.8
Vadim “MILLER” Poddubchenko 7 7.7 9.7 8.1
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