How to Qualify

The slots for participation in the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Masters 2018 (Main or Qualifyng Draw) are allocated by FIBA as follows:

a) Slots allocated to Hard-Seeded Teams: 2 per WT Masters; b) Wildcard for the WT Masters host: 1 per WT Masters; c) Wildcard for the WT Final host: 1 in a WT Masters (decided by FIBA); d) Slots allocated to Challengers: circa 6 per Masters (2 per Challenger), exact number and allocation to be determined by FIBA at its discretion; e) The remaining slots will be reserved to Professional Leagues, Quest and Qualifying Draw; Quests’ slots will be allocated by FIBA at its discretion.

Note: Slots to a specific WT Masters will be allocated considering geographical proximity and visa requirements, whilst allocation of a slot will take into account country’s and Organizer’s activity in the region as well as the performance of the Organizer’s team in prior World Tour seasons.

FIBA will assign Hard-Seeded Teams following their submitted preferences and precedencies; once assigned said Hard-Seeded Team will be considered qualified to the corresponding Masters.