Major superstar transfers ahead of FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2023

MIES (Switzerland) - The FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2023 is excitingly inching closer, but teams will look a little different after a shuffling of the decks in the off-season

Ahead of the upcoming Utsunomiya Opener, let's look at the sweeping changes across the World Tour. 

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Dimeo van der Horst (ex-Amsterdam) & Thibaut Vervoort (ex-Antwerp) to Futian (CHN)

New kids on the block Futian mean business and have loaded up by recruiting scoring machines Dimeo van der Horst and Thibaut Vervoort. 

They both finished in the top six  of scoring on last year's World Tour and averaged a combined 12.8 ppg.

Vervoort and van der Horst engaged in some terrific battles during the intense rivalry between Amsterdam and Antwerp, but will now join forces in what looks like one of the best duos on the World Tour.


Nauris Miezis (ex-Riga) & Karlis Lasmanis (ex-Riga) to Beijing (CHN)

Batman and Robin have taken their superhero act to another continent with the Riga legends partnering up for rising Beijing, who impressed last year and boast FIBA 3x3 Asia Cup 2023 China players Peng Yan and Yuanbo Zhu.

Beijing loom as a contending team after the prized signings of Miezis and Lasmanis, who have arguably been the best one-two punch for years. They've done it all in 3x3 including most memorably winning the historic gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. 

Now they have a new challenge and as expected they've already recorded Ws with a triumph at the 3x3 Thai Super League 2023. They'll be hungry to carry that form over to the World Tour. 

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Worthy de Jong (ex-Utrecht) to  Amsterdam; Maksim Kovacevic (ex-Amsterdam) to Utrecht

In what is effectively a direct swap, Worthy de Jong and Maksim Kovacevic have traded places for Dutch teams Utrecht and Amsterdam. 

Excitement machine Worthy de Jong lit up the World Tour during a spectacular debut last year but has moved to Amsterdam, who have shook up their roster after frustratingly falling short at the semis six times last season. 

With the added departure of van der Horst, de Jong will provide necessary scoring punch for Amsterdam as well as trademark spark through his high-flying skills. 

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Kovacevic made an immediate impact for Amsterdam after helping them win the Doha Masters 2021 shortly after having been recruited from Liman.

He will add experience and class to Utrecht, who qualified for the Abu Dhabi Final in their debut season. 

Miroslav Pasajlic (ex-Liman) to Riga

The speedy Serb is a welcome addition for powerhouse Riga, who have lost superstars Miezis and Lasmanis. 

Pasajlic can help fill some of the scoring load with the 28-year-old always dangerous on the big stage, where he is a former Masters MVP. 

It might be tempting to write off Riga but be careful because they still have Olympic gold medallists Edgars Krumins and Agnis Cavars.

But the 6ft. 3in (1.9m) Pasajlic's brilliance can help Riga continue to be a contender on the World Tour. 


Dominique Gentil (ex-Versailles) and Malik Hluchoweckyj (ex-Omaha) to Jeddah (KSA) with Ovidijus Varanauskas

Jeddah had a tough 2022, but they are out for revenge this year after recruiting powerful Dominique Gentil and highlight machine Malik Hluchoweckyj. 

Jeddah had some high-profile signings last year but the chemistry never quite worked. They are hoping Gentil and Hluchoweckyj can click alongside Lithuanian Ovidijus Varanauskas, who has recommitted to Jeddah.  

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Jimmer Fredette joins Miami along with Dylan Travis (ex-Omaha), Kareem Maddox (ex-Princeton) and Canyon Barry (ex-Princeton)

Quite fitting, given their location, newcomers Miami have a glitzy squad ready to unleash havoc on the World Tour.

Miami will boast a large fan base given 'Jimmer Mania' is set to sweep the World Tour with former NBA player Jimmer Fredette to make his debut on the pro circuit. 

This team is loaded with American stars led by FIBA 3x3 World Cup 2019 gold medallists Kareem Maddox and Canyon Barry. Miami also have scoring machine Dylan Travis, who averaged a crazy 7.4 ppg on the World Tour 2022.

Buckle up because Miami is set to take the World Tour by storm. 


Aleksandar Ratkov (ex-Liman) to Sansar MMC Energy (MGL)

Liman great Aleksandar Ratkov is a born winner and his strong leadership is hoped to lift Sansar MMC energy up a level. 

The Mongolians have Asia Cup 2023 heroes Anand Ariunbold and Enkhbaatar Onolbaatar, but Ratkov is set to be the glue guy.

The big fella soared to new heights last year and he's a master on the boards and on D. 

Ratkov might just be the missing piece for a dangerous-looking Sansar.