Top players to watch at FIBA 3x3 Chengdu Masters 2023

CHENGDU (China) - The FIBA 3x3 World Tour returns to a favorite destination as some of the world's best players get ready to unleash their tricks at the Chengdu Masters on October 21-22. 

For the first time since 2019, the World Tour journeys to the city of pandas in the fourth edition of the Chengdu event. To get you hyped, here are 10 players you just have to watch.

Strahinhja Stojacic (Ub Huishan NE)

We have to start with a dude primed to again seize the Masters crown.

It's been a little strange of late not seeing 'Doctor Strange' win MVPs recently, but the world's best player has continued to dominate the half-court. 

This spectacular Serb is the leader of most major stats and averages 6.8 ppg on the World Tour - which undersells his dominance.

But his most impressive stat is games played - 44, which is by far the most and speaks of his durability and desire. 

Stojacic is hungry to again make the World Tour his multiverse. 

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Quincy Diggs (Vienna)

It was always going to be difficult for this top-ranked American to come back from the highs of his MVP in Amsterdam, where he lifted Vienna to Masters glory. 

Vienna suffered a let down in Shanghai, but you know they will be refocused.

To rebound they'll need Diggs to be firing from all corners of the half-court and don't bet against that because he's used to proving the critics wrong.

Ning Zhang (Liman Huishan NE)

Who will the fans be cheering the most in Chengdu? It just has to be Ning Zhang, who is tearing up every half-court he is on. 

Case in point was in Shanghai, where he got the fans off their seats with a lit performance full of explosive plays to lead Liman to the final. 

Liman have for a while been built around legends Stefan Kojic and Mihailo Vasic, but they are letting their new star cook and Ning Zhang is feasting out on the half-court. 

Nauris Miezis (Beijing)

One of the coldest 3x3 players in history again showed he is an absolute assassin when Miezis led Beijing's (CHN) unbelievable comeback victory over Futian (CHN) in Shanghai.

When Miezis gets into that mode it's basically a wrap because this Olympic gold medalist doesn't miss when he's feeling it. 

With his fellow superhero Karlis Lasmanis back, Nauris Miezis will be even more trouble for opponents. 

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Aurelijus Pukelis (Raudondvaris Hoptrans)

We haven't seen this lethal Lithuanian on the World Tour since Constanta and you better believe he's still dripping wet. 

Everyone knows Pukelis is a scoring machine and if you don't then just look up his insane highlights from his MVP run in Debrecen

He averages a crazy 7.6 ppg on the World Tour this season, but don't be surprised if Pukelis goes even higher in Chengdu. 

Dulguun Enkhbat (Ulaanbaatar MMC Energy)

After years of blood, sweat and tears, Dulguun Enkhbat finally tasted the ultimate success on the World Tour after Ulaanbaatar's incredible first-ever Masters title in Shanghai. 

No one deserved it more than Enkhbat, who has been the glue guy for the Mongolians and done all the little things that led to their rise in 3x3.  

The man who has better than hair in your AI generated photo will again be putting everything on the line as Ulaanbaatar aim to go back-to-back. 

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Luis Cuascut (San Juan)

You want to see some monster dunks than keep your eyes on this Puerto Rican who loves nothing more than posterizing opponents.

But the 25-year-old is a two-way force and equally destructive on defense. Don't bother trying to dunk on him because it won't end well. 

He's an intimidator in the paint for young guns San Juan, who have proven they are the real deal. 

Anand Ariunbold (Sansar MMC Energy)

If there is a heatwave in Chengdu then it's probably because Anand Ariunbold has caught fire. 

The man we now know as 'The Archer' has been bullseye all season and averages an impressive 7.1 ppg on the World Tour.

All that's missing is some team success, but if Ariunbold get's on a roll then Sansar MMC Energy might be able to emulate Ulaanbaatar's Masters historic triumph.

James Parrott (Omaha)

What a World Tour debut for this 6ft. 4in (1.93m) sniper, whose 33 points led Omaha to the semis in Shanghai. 

He makes scoring look so easy with Parrott unstoppable when he has the Wilson in his hands.

But he's just getting warmed up on the half-court and you got to believe the sequel is better than the original for Omaha's new superstar.  

Gilles Martin (Lausanne Sport LS)

This speedy Swiss has been for years fooling opponents on the half-court, but he's no joke. He's now a pro circuit champ having been part of Lausanne Sport LS' (SUI) triumph at the Sansar Challenger

But now he wants to be crowned a Masters champ with Lausanne entering as a form team in recent times.

We can't guarantee a title, but what we do know is that Gilles Martin will surely be pulling off some magic tricks with the Wilson. 



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